mercredi 27 janvier 2010

ring ring ring

“don’t be uniform”
said the unicorn in its unicode “’cause your heart is an unique edition of your unicentered self turning around the unicyclist dream of your unicity in the city of souls & two cats are climbing on your cardiac card caring for you to show you undoubtably that there are two birdy lovers in your poetry tree singing you in two tones that you are free”, so she threw away all her fears all her tears answering “oh i try to not cry oh i sweat oh i swear” ring ring ring three two one i love you just because
you’re the

__n __e

✩✩ text: Jean Bernard Thomas ✩✩ illustration: "What uniform
should i wear to hide my entangled heart?" by Lakhsmita Indira ✩✩✩

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Merci. Je suis trop émue par ce texte.Jean.

La licorne en sa tour d'ivoire jubilait d'avoir trouvé un cœur assez cavalier pour monter à cru son amour, sa langue ensevelie reprit toute la dimension du ciel; ils s'échangèrent des origamis qui traversaient le prisme secret des liens élémentaires pour incarner leur magnitude parfaite.

Maharani * La Licorne

lakhsmita indira a dit…

this is beautiful.
the secret lover is so lucky, oh im so jealous :))


la Planète des Signes a dit…

thank u very much dear Mita
but… tell me, what about L°ve?
(i could be jealous too)
& i love your (he)art

(thank you again)

la Planète des Signes a dit…

chère licorne Maharani

votre magnitude me rend centaure

et les origamants s'interdimensionnent

mer sea