mardi 1 février 2011

the clock ran on

and Andrew

we live by the clock
where we go
what we do

tick tock tick tock
run for the train
ticket in hand
no backward glance
to check i am still there

every moment we live

like notes from a piano
even the sweetest ones
slip away
distilled down to feelings felt
songs sung
friends we’ve smiled upon

words in journals
to record it all

but not today
the clock ran on
and i no longer heard it’s urging
the world continued to turn
but i was still
i lay in our bed
waiting for everyone
and everything to understand
i was no longer there

that has to be the answer
i was no longer there
to see out of eyes –
forgive me love that’s how it had to be – for to
witness the strength of men
arms clasped about one another
shouldering my love gone away
from my touch – sight

i was no longer there and did not see
how dignified they looked
sharing their burden of loss – looking toward
that lone woman there
is not me

i couldn’t borrow of their strength
without a look at their faces
broken with grief

there would be nothing there to set me free

living is only a thing

a cup a pen this thought
and then
my heart is gone

without a backward glance
you left me here

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