dimanche 14 février 2010

passepoème du 14 février 2010

Éric Simon ━━

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lakhsmita indira a dit…

dear my sweet little friend from France.

my secret garden is now so empty, so heartless.
there are flowers and trees but they arent growing.
im desperately sad now.
my tears wont stop falling.

i'd like to kiss my bird but he is flying high, right up to the sky, i cant reach him anymore.
i'd like to hold my deer but he is running so fast, lost in the woods.

tell me, what should i do?

la Planète des Signes a dit…

print that ring ring ring:

SPRING IS COMING! (from France)

and the birds will sing again
and your secret garden will be heaven
and your belly will be leaven
of life

bells of living proof
sounding from the roof
of love

( ❛‿❛)▬⊆♡ *^‿^*

lakhsmita indira a dit…

i wish it was that easy.
just to ring ring and everything is goin to be ok.
i wish...

i dunno, im asking a silly Q: how far is it from mars eye to dijon? is it so far?

la Planète des Signes a dit…


rite thing

is all

ready hole

red hit owl

read he

au quai

wishful witch

and from her room to his room

there is no distance for her broom