vendredi 12 février 2010

My Favorite Michael

So many past things running around in my mind today

making smiles flit across my face

like little children playing in a park

moving in and out of view - there behind the slide, running to the swings.

Cherries in the summer - that sweet burst commingled with giggles over you farting

quickly turned into a stampede of children laughing so hard

it was amazing we could get up, much less run and breathe.

The fruit stand on the side of the road - Olsen's - I think it's still there.

The apartment down the street

where you breathed your last after so long in pain

I didn't understand you weren't going to be back

didn't understand where they took you

and yet I did, from the way everyone cried

with finality

with letting go tearing at their hearts.

When I see that apartment I know you aren't there

but I am


wrapped up in memories of monster pancakes

saturday morning cartoons

tasting from your coffee cup

making sense of poker

your ticklish mustache on my face.

When I see that apartment I know you aren't there

but I am

waiting for you to come back and take us to the pool

to dive in and save me from the deep end of missing you

just like that brilliantly bright day I ran over and jumped in without a thought

as I sank I could see you bound out of your chair

fly in after me

felt your arms pull me up

head above water - safe

and without getting mad at me

you simply taught me how to swim.

〰〰〰〰Text: SerenityWriter 〰〰
Picture from the Wim Wenders' movie
Wings of Desire (Der Himmel über Berlin)

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