mercredi 17 mars 2010

honest hour

to die by her side
or too light by his flight

this is a case of honour
of our honest hour

on the wings of death
with the roots of love

and the king of breath
with his shooting glove

will touch you as a dove

from the deepest part

to the highest art

of your aiming soul

text: Jean Bernard Thomas illustration:
Subterranean by Lakhsmita Indira

5 commentaires:

lakhsmita indira a dit…

beautiful melancholy and the infinite sadness.
im touched.

thank you.


i miss him very very much.
i hope he can feel it.

la Planète des Signes a dit…

the miss he misses is an infinite mystery

(in french we call her Miss Terre)

Anonyme a dit…

it is stupifying!so honest and white like just before the sunrise and so elegant and dark like a concert before death! You are magic.
ps I love also the picture!!

Margherita a dit…

stupifyingly beutifull.....

la Planète des Signes a dit…

thank you anonymous Margherita

you are so magic too (i know that, i saw you)

and we are a lot now

to be magic at ALL

of fame