mardi 18 mai 2010

éloge d'une soupçonnée


Le dire émousse ses angles morts
Dans la bouche de Colombine
Chaque mot s’assoupit et rêve
Le visage edelweiss de Pierrot
Compasse la nuit épouse
Et la robe des iris tombe
Plus sombre que le lavis
Le dos constellé des heures
Quand la belle écolière des décans
A plié les genoux du Sagittaire
Dans l’écloserie des Gémeaux
Elle et la géométrie de la langue
Lui jusqu’à l’extinction des mots

texte : Emmanuelle Masini
illustration : Wuthering Heights by Lakhsmita Indira

9 commentaires:

lakhsmita indira a dit…

tell me, do you really like my new drawing?

la Planète des Signes a dit…

of course, 'cause if i didn't i wouldn't put it on la Planète

why this question ?


lakhsmita indira a dit…

i dunno... maybe it is just me, feeling weird about my drawing.
because im not that good to show my feeling through my drawing.

lakhsmita indira a dit…

im so lame...
i wish i could draw better...

la Planète des Signes a dit…

i think u are too rough with yourself, Mita

look at your drawings: they are so sweet, even in the nightmares

so you can be proud of what you do


lakhsmita indira a dit…

you are so very kind to me.
thank you.

probably i just need some encouraging words because i dont feel like drawing today, sometimes i can feel my drawing sucks.

thank you once again, have a good morning to you, ok!
i know it is morning now in France.

bye little friend.

la Planète des Signes a dit…


………………… now it's evening

Emmanuelle told me today that she doesn't understand why you got such doubts about your artwork

she told me that you can make some books for children (like her, like me, for example)

& also she told me that your style is so recognizable

& she loves it yeah yeah yeah!

so : with a gift like that, you know you should be glad


lakhsmita indira a dit…

thank you, it means a lot to me.
only people like you (and the Emmanuelle lady) who can keep me drawing and drawing.

and you must know that i always enjoy your visit to my blog.
please do not hesitate if you have another beautiful images to share with me, just drop by, ok, you are always welcome in my blog.

have a nice day :))


la Planète des Signes a dit…

merci mer sea

dear so gentle

oh sweet Mita

Emma & me will be so pleased to see your next draWINGS

a nice nice day to you

in the magic air of inspiration

in the sacred art of your wisdom